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Creating a beautiful wedding with Organic Flowers

116_1.jpgImagine walking through a wildflower meadow filled with every imaginable type and color of flower. Now imagine being able to dance through that meadow picking out your favorite flowers in any combination you want. As a florist, our job is to provide you with that meadow of choices and let you dream up your favorite bouquets. You may want to pick out all the red flowers or just white flowers or maybe you want a rainbow of all the colors and flowers available. When you start the process of choosing your wedding flowers, avoid the temptation to choose one or two specific colors. Rather, think of color ranges that your florist can work with to develop a mosaic of color that represents you and your wedding. Bridal flowers, like a sunset are not one or two colors, but hundreds of different subtle hues and shades which blend to create an overall image of beauty.

Begin the process of choosing bridal flowers by getting to know yourself. In the end, your wedding flowers should represent you, the bride, in style and sprit. Ask yourself, what are your favorite colors and color combinations, what are your favorite flowers, which seasons do you prefer? Just as importantly, what kind of person are you? Do you like your world to be exacting and organized or a little loose and free. Do you like exact symmetry or a bit of asymmetry? Look at the clothes you like to wear. Do you like solid colors, patterns, loose flowing clothes or snug figure forming clothes? Once you determine what you like and most importantly what styles and colors represent you as a person, you are ready to choose your flowers. Start by looking at wedding magazines and books and highlighting the bridal bouquets that you like. Keep in mind that many of the flowers in wedding magazines will not necessarily be in season on your wedding day. Whenever possible choose in- season and locally grown organic flowers to ensure vibrancy and freshness. When you meet with your florist, it will be very helpful to them if you bring some photos of the bouquets that you like.

When you choose your florist ask them a few questions before you schedule your consultation. Ask if they have photos of their work which you can look through. Being able to look photos at of bouquets your florist has created will give you an idea of their design style and the types of flower with which they like to work. If you already know what kinds of designs you want, go ahead and tell them on the phone and see how enthusiastic their response is and if they are agreeable to your ideas. Some florists require a minimum charge for weddings so make sure that your budget meets their minimum. Since consultations are a significant time investment, make sure your florist has a fairly good chance of matching your style and budget before you schedule a consultation with them. Most florists offer free consultations, but some charge a small fee, ask up front so there are no surprises.

Now for the fun part! Once you have chosen a florist that you really like you can start to put together all the components of a beautiful wedding. I like to start with the bridal bouquet because it tends to set the tone for the entire wedding and it is the most personal of all the bouquets. Once the bridal bouquet is chosen you can start to brainstorm bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Bridesmaid bouquets can be similar to the brides or completely different. A common misconception is the bridesmaid’s bouquets must match their dresses. The bouquets should accent the dresses, but they do not have to match the color, in fact it generally looks better if they don’t. Boutonnières are for the groom and groomsmen and can be anything from a single rose to a beautiful dusty miller leaf. My favorite fall boutonniere is a clutch of purple, red and orange ornamental chilies with a camellia leaf! Corsages for the Moms are still very common, but the trend is to have them carry a small posy of wedding flowers instead. With the ceremony bouquets chosen, it is now time to decorate your reception.

Flowers for the reception can exactly match the wedding flowers, or for a more informal look you can choose entirely different flowers for your reception. Go for fun and bold centerpieces using a combination of seasonal flowers and accents. This will highlight the celebratory atmosphere of your reception. The reception is a great place to give your florist creative freedom to design bouquets that highlight their artistic style. For vases, anything goes, from galvanized and terra cotta pots to antique wine bottles. For a classy look, choose sterling silver pots or julep cups filled with flowers. Many florist have an inventory of vases with which they can design your centerpieces. After the wedding you can return the vases or pay an extra fee for after reception pick up. Let your flowers be an opportunity to have fun with your wedding and to express who you are and your creative spirit.  www.californiaorganicflowers.com

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