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The Story Behind Flowers

Every child knows the story behind a gift is just as important and the gift itself. That is why your children will tell you every detail of how they made that cute drawing of a butterfly. They will describe which crayons they used, where they drew it and how long it took. Kid’s know it is the history, the hard work, the thinking of the recipient that is the real value of a gift. As adults we can forget this and fall into the habit of buying faceless products from faceless stores and pass them off as gifts. Worse yet the ‘gifts’ we buy for others may be made on the backs of child laborers in developing countries or at the expense of our environment. Of all the gifts we give no other gift has as much emotional significance as flowers. We give them in love, in forgiveness, in gratitude and in grief. Then it would seem that if any gift must have a good story behind it’s creation, it would be flowers! Flowers are grown on lovingly tended farms with picturesque fields and happy workers harvesting the sunshine...right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Recently on a tour of Dutch tulip growing operations (notice I said’ operations’, not ‘farms’) the conditions in which they were grown was so deplorable and industrial, my cousin who was along to see the ‘beautiful fields of flowers’ swore to never buy a tulip again. And she is Dutch! The bulbs are soaked in toxic dips, put in crates shoulder to shoulder and grown in water (no soil!). Tens of thousands of crates are constantly moving slowly on conveyer belts from chiller to growing room to harvest to packaging. They never see the light of day, and are only handled by humans (poorly paid Polish immigrants) when they are pulled from the crates and placed in sleeves for sale. So why is this important? We don’t eat flowers, so who cares how they are grown? Remember the story behind the gift is important! Amazingly, the Dutch flower operations are considered state of the art compared to their South American and African counter parts where the health problems of the workers due to pesticide exposure have been well documented.
At California Organic Flowers we strive to bring the good story back to flowers. We are a small family farm in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California growing flowers outside in the fresh air. We are certified organic by the USDA and believe the best flowers are grown in a healthy farm ecosystem. Flowers that are grown outside have stronger stems, dark green foliage and rich colorful blooms, they are healthy, happy flowers. We work hard on our farm, but we have fun, take care of our bodies and always remember that the flowers we grow will end up on someone’s dining room table as a gift with a very happy story behind them!



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