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Organic Flowers On A Mission!

A seed is planted. Carefully placed in the soil, lovingly watered and weeded, pruned and supported, a flower grows. Each flower on our farm is raised from youth to be ready at a moments notice for a important emotional mission. They proudly wait to be selected and packed into a box with a message of love, or hope or grief or joy. Flowers are sent to people we love, because we wish to express joy for their new job, house, or baby. They are sent to show we care about their sickness, injury or loss of loved one. Flowers are sent to encourage a friend to carry on in times of turmoil and they are sent just because we remember how important that person is to us and we just want them to know that we think of them from time to time. When we choose individual flowers on our farm, we tell them (yes, we really talk to your flowers!), ‘this is an important mission you have, travel proudly and be your best upon arrival.” We imaging our tears flowing, and smiles upon faces when a box of our flowers is opened. That is why it is important to us that our flowers we grown organically and they be grown on our farm where we can see every single bloom before it is packed for shipment. We are a small farm, we plant every seed ourselves, harvest every bloom by hand. We understand that personal messages of love and grief deserve personal attention. Yes, growing flowers is a fun way to make a living, but we also understand our job is important, we have a responsibility to those sending and receiving our flowers, their message is important and our flowers have a mission worthy of our loving attention. When walk our straight rows of flowers on our neat and tidy little farm, we see proud flowers growing strong in a healthy farm ecosystem waiting to be selected for your mission.

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Awesome post! Keep up the good work!

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFlowers Seattle

In your opening thoughts, you said you were packaging a message of love, hope, grief or joy. No one wants to send a message of grief. Please substitute COMFORT, or something like that.

I never thought about organic flowers, unless they were edible. I'll be buying your product in the future. I appreciate your work. Thank you.

September 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSharon Philpot

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