Planting your Cut Flower Seed Mix

Cut Flower Seed Mix

If you received a Cut Flower Seed Mix with your box of flowers you have a very exciting project ahead of you. We hand select our flower seeds from our best cut flowers on the farm. During the last decade a trend toward compact bedding plants in the nursery trade has made it difficult to find true cut flower varieties. The seeds in your Cut Flower Mix are not shy, they will grow into very tall beautiful plants.

As with planting any seed, you will want to start with a well prepared weed free growing bed. With flowers, it is not necessary to add large amounts of fertilizer, in fact most flowers grow better with low to medium fertility. Make sure your soil has been loosened down to 8" with a garden fork or similar tool.

The best time to plant your seeds is in late spring when you can be assured of being in the frost free season. Here in the Central Valley of California that date is April 15, but when we farmed in Idaho the frost free date was July 21. Check with the USDA or a local nursery to determine your frost free date.

Dig a furrow and plant your seeds about 1/4-1/2 inch deep. Technically the smaller seeds should be planted shallow and the larger seeds deeper, but you will have good success if you plant all the seeds in the packet at about 1/2".

It is essential that your seeds stay moist or they will dry out. Add water daily for the first week and then you can taper off to once or twice a week as the plants develop.

Your little seedlings will need some help at first to compete with weeds. It should be fairly easy to identify the flower seedlings from weed seedlings if you planted the flower seeds in a row. Once the flower seedlings are about 6" tall they should be able to easily out compete any remaining weeds.

Okay, now is the moment you have been waiting for. Once your flowers begin to bloom in mid summer, it is time to start cutting flowers and making bouquets. Don't worry about cutting your beautiful flowers, most flowers appreciate some cutting and they will bloom longer if cut occasionally.
It is best to cut flowers in the early morning before the sun strikes the plants or after sunset.
Have a bucket of water ready and place your just cut flowers in a bucket with 6" of cool water. Once air has sealed the bottom of the stem, it must be recut, so it is best to cut directly into a bucket in the field.

Arrange the flowers in a beautiful vase or simple bottle and change water regularly. For the most part, flower foods are not necessary although we do see some improvement in vase life for zinnias if flower food is used. Remember if you wouldn't drink the water, your flowers will not drink it either! Fresh water for fresh flowers.

Enjoy your garden!

Marc and Julia

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