Our Story

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Our story starts in the high in the Rocky Mountains some 20 years ago After spending many winters in the Rockies skiing and mountaineering Julia and I discovered that after the snow melts in the Rockies a beautiful thing happens - the fields are awash in wildflowers. We were overwhelmed by the beauty and I began a new career as a botanist and natural history teacher and became familiar with all the wonderful wild plants that grace the landscape.

It wasn't long before we started collecting flower seeds from wildflowers and planting them in our garden. Soon thereafter, we started a flower farm and floral design studio. In no time, we were designing flowers for posh Jackson Hole, Wyoming weddings every weekend!

Eventually we realized that a three month growing season was not enough to satisfy our ever growing passion for flowers, so we moved our two year old son Tava, and our farm tools to Chico, California where we started our new flower farm on a property we call Terra Bella.

Growing flowers naturally is part of our philosophy of healthy and balanced living. Growing our flowers organically just make sense to us since our family lives and works on the farm everyday. Afterall we don't want to work with or breath toxic chemicals! In 2005 we launched our online flower company and went through the USDA organic program to certify our land as organic. 

Our main reason for starting our online organic flower store was because the only flowers we could find online were the same old tired flowers shipped all the way from South America. Here we were living on our beautiful flower farm brimming with a huge variety of locally grown organic flowers and all we could find online was hybrid roses! Well we just couldn't sit back and and let the demand for real field grown, fresh organic flowers go unfilled. The next thing you know we launched our website and were up to our necks in online orders and  had to expand our farm to meet the demand. 

Now it is 2007 and we are still a small family farm, but we now have the help of a few incredible employees to lighten the load. Our all women field crew harvests your flowers daily and we pack each box to order. Every box we ship out is important to us and we recognize the important life events that are involved in every order we receive. We strive to provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers possible. All our flowers are planted, harvested and packed by hand. And we honor our land, our employees, our customers, our community, our earth and ourselves in the process

 We still have a local presence as well and provide the Chico, CA community with fresh flowers, both at farmer's markets and through our floral design shop. With California Organic Flowers, you are buying from expert flower growers and professional floral designers. But, most importantly, you are buying flowers from flower lovers. Everyone at California Organic Flowers is as passionate about flowers as you are...and it shows!

Marc, Julia, and Tava